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Finding a Rental Home in Portland

  • Give yourself plenty of time to find the right home. Keep in mind that most property management companies are not available on the weekends to show homes so most of them will want to schedule viewing appointments during weekday business hours. PPI is open on the weekends and can show our available vacancies but we are an exception.
  • Take the time to browse vacancies in your area, there are many national rental websites that list vacancies with a description and photographs. Keep in mind that most vacancies are filled within a 30 day period so if you find a home you are especially interested in, time is of the essence.
  • Keep in mind that most property management companies will require you to drive by the home prior to setting an appointment to show the inside.
  • PPI’s policy for screening of applications is that the first completed application we receive is the first one we will run. If we receive two complete applications at the same time, we will pick the stronger of the two.
  • Once an application has been approved, we require that the prospective tenant pay a fee to hold the home for up to two weeks. This fee is nonrefundable and is applied towards the tenant’s move-in costs.
  • Good luck, welcome to Portland and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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