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Our goal is to protect and manage your investment property so that we have a mutually profitable outcome. We understand that vacancies can be devastating to a property’s profitability. We work very hard at tenant recruitment and selection and we strive to place reliable, responsible people into the properties we manage. Our tenant screening criteria (credit reports, criminal, civil, rental & employment history) helps us have greater success finding qualified tenants who will pay rent on time and respect your property.


We disseminate the information about your vacancy nationwide as effectively as possible. We feature your property on our website with up to 11 photographs and a detailedInterview personalized description to entice potential tenants to want to take a further look. Our website has over 15,000 visitors per month. We also advertise on 48 national “For Rent” websites which feature descriptions and photos of your property. Unlike our competitors who are closed on the weekends, we show properties all day on Saturday and Sunday so we are available when most potential tenants want to view rental homes.

Property Maintenance

Our objective is to protect your investment. We know that upkeep on your property ensures maximum appreciation.

  • Our leases hold tenants responsible for damage beyond-normal wear and tear both to interiors and exteriors of the property.
  • Maintenance requests are handled in a prompt and cost-effective manner.
  • We solicit bids on all major repairs so you have choices.
  • We have a proven list of quality vendors, so you can feel good about any needed work.
  • Due to our volume of business, we receive discounts and pass the savings on to you!
  • Download 2012 Services Fees (pdf)
  • Download Rental Evaluation Request (pdf)