Award Winning Property Management doesn’t cost you, it pays you with excellent service, protects your investment and rewards you with less vacancy and higher rents.

Providing care and professional services for our clients since 1987.

Property Management Investors

We help smart investors earn more and spend less on their rental properties.

Real Estate

We can help you with sales, rehabs and maintenance, 1031 exchanges, and acquisitions.


Matching residential and commercial tenants to properties in Portland and surrounding areas.

The Very Best in Portland Metro Property Management

Residential & Commercial Property Management
in Portland

We are a service oriented company with a professional staff that boasts more than 120 combined years of property management experience.

Peace of Mind for Local Landlords and Out-of-State Investors

We work with local landlords renting out the home they grew up in. We work with out of state investors who live elsewhere but understand the power and the growth available in Portland’s rental market. We work with international investors, too, who rely on our innovative technology and local expertise.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing us one property or an entire portfolio. It doesn’t matter if you’ve invested in a condo or commercial building. We can manage your property efficiently and effectively using tools and systems we have perfected over the past 25 years. You don’t have to worry about chasing down late rent, making emergency repairs, or staying up to date on the latest in state, federal, and local laws. We’ve got all that covered.

Elevate Your Investment with Expert Advice

We are unique in our ability to expertly manage residential and commercial properties. Our team has been living, working, and serving Portland and the surrounding areas, and we understand the local real estate market and its trends and nuances.

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value PPI has assisted me for many years. They have always been responsive and professional to my inquiries and requests for additional information.”

– Szn T

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“I am very happy with Performance Properties as my property management company. Kimberly is friendly and prompt in responding to questions and issues and Corey is a fantastic maintenance worker, friendly, prompt and knowledgeable.”

– Tamra and Shari

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4.8 /5
188 Reviews

Jul 20, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Barbara
We've had Performance Properties manage our Portland triplex for more than a decade! Much has changed in Portland in this time. But PPI's helpful efforts, especially by Sonja Snedeker, their chief accountant, over the years, is something we can count on! The list of things Sonja has helped us with is incredible--from pulling year-end tax documents, explaining monthly charges, going the extra mile with property insurance records! We appreciate her work and Zack Zahm's efforts, too. We've had the opportunity to switch property managers, but we did not. We can't imagine having the same good and careful care with any other company!
Jul 16, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Szn
PPI has assisted me for many years. They have always been responsive and professional to my inquiries and requests for additional information.
Jun 20, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Laus
I have stayed at the same property managed by PPI since 2016. I appreciate the property upkeep and professionalism they have shown over the years.
Jun 20, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. David
They got back to me within the hour on a weekend. I was impressed.
Jun 12, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Michael
Having lived in a Performance Properties managed home for the last 5 years I can say, quite honestly that they have been incredibly responsive to any and all requests for maintenance or repair. Not only was any work completed quickly and professionally, The vendors they used were very helpful, polite and easy to deal with. You really should not have any problems if you rent a property that they control.