Commercial Property Management Services in Portland

We’re growing our commercial property management business quickly, and it’s because our investors know we can be trusted to identify the right space for tenants who need office space, retail space, industrial, and warehouse space. If you want to diversify your real estate investment portfolio, consider working with us to identify a commercial investment opportunity.

Helping to Protect and Preserve your
Commercial Investment Property

You rely on a Portland commercial property manager to protect your asset and ensure the tenants who are using your space are taking excellent care of it and following the terms of their rental contract. We work with commercial investors to take care of your office building, retail space, storage facility, shopping center, or warehouse. The purpose of an income-producing property is to earn income. We make sure you do.

Don’t rely on a property management team that doesn’t have commercial experience.

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We understand the unique needs of commercial tenants. We know the different requirements of a rental contract. We know how to bill out and manage a triple net lease. We know how to oversee and supervise any renovations that need to be made to ensure the space is a good fit for your incoming tenants.

We also take care of the day-to-day so you don’t have to. We collect rent, we follow up with issues, and maintain the safety and security of your building. When you’re looking for commercial property management, don’t settle for anything less than the best in the business.

That’s Performance Properties, Inc.

Identifying the Right Commercial Investment

We’re experts at managing commercial properties. We’re also excellent at finding them.

When you’re looking for the right commercial space, we’re here to help you identify the perfect opportunity. We know the market and the buyers and sellers in that market. We have decades of experience managing real estate transactions for clients who want one property or a dozen. Let us know what your investment goals are, and we’ll put together a strategy that helps you reach them.

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We can help you analyze cash flow and Return on Investment (ROI) before you invest and throughout the lifecycle of your investment. You won’t be left wondering where you stand or how your property is performing; we believe in transparency, accuracy, and detail.

Whether you’re looking for an apartment building or a suite of offices, we can help you make the smart decisions that will lead to a successful and profitable investment experience.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

4.8 /5
186 Reviews

Jun 12, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Michael
Having lived in a Performance Properties managed home for the last 5 years I can say, quite honestly that they have been incredibly responsive to any and all requests for maintenance or repair. Not only was any work completed quickly and professionally, The vendors they used were very helpful, polite and easy to deal with. You really should not have any problems if you rent a property that they control.
Jun 9, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. RC
Always super helpful and nice! We love living here!
Jun 2, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Marissa
Well I’ve been renting from Performance properties Inc. for about 3 years now and the newest manager for my property is amazing Kimberly Sektnan! Thank you Kimberly for your responsiveness and your help and you are doing amazing
May 19, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. David
Does a decent job helping us manage and maintain our property.
May 14, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Lester
They have been extremely helpful in trying to obtain state funds to offset the lost rent due to the pandemic. In particular, Sonja has gone above and beyond to serve her clients.