Commercial Property Management Services in Portland

We’re growing our commercial property management business quickly, and it’s because our investors know we can be trusted to identify the right space for tenants who need office space, retail space, industrial, and warehouse space. If you want to diversify your real estate investment portfolio, consider working with us to identify a commercial investment opportunity.

Helping to Protect and Preserve your
Commercial Investment Property

You rely on a Portland commercial property manager to protect your asset and ensure the tenants who are using your space are taking excellent care of it and following the terms of their rental contract. We work with commercial investors to take care of your office building, retail space, storage facility, shopping center, or warehouse. The purpose of an income-producing property is to earn income. We make sure you do.

Don’t rely on a property management team that doesn’t have commercial experience.

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We understand the unique needs of commercial tenants. We know the different requirements of a rental contract. We know how to bill out and manage a triple net lease. We know how to oversee and supervise any renovations that need to be made to ensure the space is a good fit for your incoming tenants.

We also take care of the day-to-day so you don’t have to. We collect rent, we follow up with issues, and maintain the safety and security of your building. When you’re looking for commercial property management, don’t settle for anything less than the best in the business.

That’s Performance Properties, Inc.

Identifying the Right Commercial Investment

We’re experts at managing commercial properties. We’re also excellent at finding them.

When you’re looking for the right commercial space, we’re here to help you identify the perfect opportunity. We know the market and the buyers and sellers in that market. We have decades of experience managing real estate transactions for clients who want one property or a dozen. Let us know what your investment goals are, and we’ll put together a strategy that helps you reach them.

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We can help you analyze cash flow and Return on Investment (ROI) before you invest and throughout the lifecycle of your investment. You won’t be left wondering where you stand or how your property is performing; we believe in transparency, accuracy, and detail.

Whether you’re looking for an apartment building or a suite of offices, we can help you make the smart decisions that will lead to a successful and profitable investment experience.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

4.8 /5
159 Reviews

Jan 8, 2022
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Tamara
With all the complexities and constantly changing rental environment in Oregon we are so very thankful to have a good rental management team to help us with our properties. Thanks to the whole team for partnering with us.
Nov 22, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Gerald
PPI has been managing my rental properties since 2012. They are professional, Good accounting and statements monthly, Good customer Service for my renters, prompt repairs and replacement prices are good, Maintenance is fair, prompt leasing and keeps rents up to market, and current on Oregon Rental law.
Nov 12, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Summer
Performance Properties, Inc. is one of the best management companies I have rented from. Specifically, PM Erica Leonard, went above and beyond for us at all times. I believe this company and Ms. Leonard to be highly communicative; everyone I have spoken to even in the beginning application process was so helpful. Just hands down great job for the last 1.5 years. The only reason we don't get to use their service is our duplex was sold! When it is time to move, I will definitely be looking for properties to rent from Performance Properties because I know what I am getting. And if PM Erica Leonard is who you get, you will be so happy and have no worries. Thanks Performance Properties! Summer
Nov 5, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Janelle
First of all...I LOVE Sonja because whenever I have to call to discuss anything, she's always right there and helpful! She takes GREAT care of the tenants. Everyone who works on this staff is very friendly and always so helpful. They are responsive and communicate great too. I've lived in my building since 2015 and since Performance Properties Inc has taken over, Zach...the whole team...has been AWESOME!!! They truly got rid of all the tenants that were super sketchy and now, every tenant that lives in my building, on each of the 3 floors are such great tenants. I feel very safe now living in this building. Thank you Performance Properties! -Janelle
Oct 23, 2021
Google Performance Properties, Inc. Nikki
In a time when customer service can be a lost art I have to say that Performance properties has been nothing short of amazing! They are ,quick, efficient professional and kind . They create a great experience for any renter. Thank you performance properties!