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Both the federal eviction moratorium and the state ban on evictions have technically ended. However, Portland rental property owners are not exactly free to evict tenants for nonpayment of rent, especially if those tenants are unable to pay due to the pandemic and are eligible for rental assistance. Both the state of Oregon and Multnomah County have pushed 60 and 30-day extensions in order to provide the time that’s needed to apply for and receive rental assistance. 

Keeping up with the legal changes and the eviction requirements in a constantly shifting market can be a challenge. At Performance Properties, we’re working with owners and residents to ensure everyone has access to the resources they need.

Portland Residents and Rental Payments 

While the end dates for the eviction moratoriums have passed, the county and state extensions mean that residents get an extra 90 days to stay in their homes and avoid eviction. If your resident has fallen behind in rent payments during the pandemic, they have until Feb. 28, 2022, to repay any overdue rent accumulated between April 2020 and June 2021. 

Protection against eviction is provided as soon as a tenant informs you that they’ve applied for rental assistance. Your tenant will have to provide proof they’ve applied for assistance at or before their first court appearance for a filed eviction case.

As an owner, you can still file for the eviction. However, an application for rental assistance means that eviction will likely not move forward right away.

Understanding Rental Assistance Programs for Tenants and Owners

Portland owners and tenants have their own programs in which to apply for assistance. 

The Landlord Compensation Fund provides money to rental property owners with unpaid rent. This program requires a Declaration for Financial Hardship. Each application is judged based on the number of units an owner has and their debt to collection ratio. A total of $150 million is available to owners, but the state has been slow to release these funds. 

Tenants are eligible to apply for the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which is funded by more than $2 million in federal stimulus money. About half of it had been distributed by early July, and tenants are still able to apply.

Evicting Portland Tenants Post-Moratorium

Relief FundsOwners and residents should take the necessary steps to access whatever relief funds are available when rent cannot be paid. 

After every possible program has been accessed and all the help available has been exhausted, rental property owners in Portland will likely have no choice but to begin evicting the tenants who still cannot pay their rent and have not been able to take advantage of other resources. In this case, you’ll need to prepare accordingly. The eviction process will likely take longer than usual, so prepare for that and make sure you have everything you need. Making a mistake will only be more costly and take more time. Consider working with an attorney or a Portland property manager. You’ll need to serve the proper notices, provide the required documentation, and prepare to make your case to a court that may be more tenant-friendly after the pandemic.

Things are always changing when it comes to landlord and tenant laws in Portland. When it comes to eviction, we can walk you through any part of this process and share some insight on your specific concerns. Contact our team at Performance Properties.