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The real estate market has not exactly been dormant this year, and right now it favors sellers.

If you’re a Portland rental property owner who is thinking about selling a property, look to your property management company for help before you talk to other Realtors.

By working with a professional who already knows your property, you’ll have a better chance of getting the price you want and selling the home quickly in a competitive market.

Property managers know the local market. We understand the demands of renters and buyers, and we know how to negotiate. Take advantage of the professional experience your property manager has, and leverage the relationship you already have in place.

For real estate investors thinking strategically, it leads to better outcomes.

Less of a Learning Curve: Property Managers Know Your Property

One of the benefits to working with a property management company that also offers brokerage services is that you get all of your real estate expertise under one roof. There’s no need to hire separate companies for each part of the investment process. Partnering with a company that provides a comprehensive investment experience saves you time and money.

When you’re ready to sell your property, let your management team know. You can cut out the on-boarding that’s often necessary when you’re hiring a Realtor who isn’t familiar with your investment home. Your property manager has leased, managed, and maintained that asset. There will not be any surprises. They understand the strengths and the challenges of your particular home, and that will help with preparing the property for the sales market and with listing the home.

We List Tenant-Occupied Homes

Working with us puts you at an advantage right away. That’s because 75 percent of the homes and multi-unit buildings that we list on the sales market are tenant-occupied. We stay up to date on all landlord and tenant laws, particularly those that regulate entry during the sales process. We have good relationships in place with those tenants, too, which means showing the property and managing a transition from one owner to another owner is seamless.

We specialize in investment property sales and acquisitions, so we are far more knowledgeable than other real estate agents about cap rates, rental values, and what will make a profitable investment.

Investment-Oriented Sales Experience

A real estate agent who does not work specifically with property investors will not have the same reach as your property manager who works with investors on a daily basis. Real estate agents may focus on owners/occupants who want to see your Portland home for sale. Your property manager will be able to market the property as an investment property, maybe even an occupied investment property. That’s going to reach a differently motivated pool of buyers.

Portland Real Estate Market Knowledge

When you ask your Portland property manager to help you sell your property, you’re also getting a blend of sales market expertise and rental market expertise. This will be important if you’re hoping to sell your property to another investor.

Property managers are constantly studying the available homes on the market. We work with investors who may be seeking new opportunities. Our clients expect us to know what’s available now and what may be available in the future. We have to stay on top of the rental values as well as the sales comps.

We understand market trends and shifts, and we can educate our clients on what the smart moves are at any moment in time. Right now, selling is a smart move. Your property manager will provide the service that you need. Realtors are busy. They’re not thinking about selling your property as an investment.

Leveraging Property Management Relationships

The entire process will move faster when you’re working with your property manager to sell your home.

Think about the work that may be needed to list your property. You might need some cosmetic upgrades inside, or fresh paint and flooring. The exterior of the property may need some power washing or some landscaping.

When your property manager is facilitating this work, it will be easier to navigate your tenants. It will also mean that you’re able to access the vendor resources your property managers can offer. You won’t have to wait weeks for a roofing contractor to be free.

Property management companySelling a property is obviously different than renting it out. It takes a talented and experienced Portland property management company to help you do both.

We’re that company. If you’re thinking about selling your investment property in Portland, contact us at Performance Properties. We’ll help you get the results you expect.